We all love WTT!! =)

Don´t we?
I know i´m being a pain in the ass with this site, but we need members! i don ´t know why nobody has joined recently. Imagine this situation: you remeber having had a life in 1940, as a prisoner in a camp or as a nazi,and admit it, if you were there then you are scared of the others, if you were a victim you are scared... i´m not sure why, but you are scared of nazis, maybe for what you remember they did to you. And if you were a nazi you ´re scared because you can be traced and blast by intelligence agencies. So... WTT can help both! gathering together victims can learn that nazis weren ´t that bad and can be cool people and nazis can have allies if in a future you can get a trial for actions in a past life, so everybody wins! =)
Join WTT, you won ´t regret! we´re fun and supportive =D
I know this post doesn ´t look very serious, but it is, gott damn it is!